Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink and Purple are a good start, but imagine if we were limited to seeing the world through only seven colors?  The result would be pretty jarring.  The same is true for word selection.  Imagine if the only way to say big, was, well, big?  The result is some truly uninspiring writing.  Challenge yourself to pick the right word, rather than just using a familiar word.  If what you really mean is gargantuan, don’t settle for big.

With that, let’s embark on the color of the day series.  Today’s color is Chartreuse.  Chartreuse is much sexier than the word yellowish-green.

Char treuse
Pronunciation [shahr-trooz, -troos]
1. an aromatic liqueur, usually yellow or green, made by the Carthusian monks at Grenoble, France, and, at one time, at Tarragona, Spain.

2. (lowercase) a clear, light green with a yellowish tinge.

3. (lowercase) of the color chartreuse.

1865-70; after La Grande Chartreuse, Carthusian monastery near Grenoble, where the liqueur is made

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