Disney and Dali

In 1945, Walt Disney and Salvador Dali decided to work together on a cartoon entitled “Destino” (Destiny).  Brilliant right?  Unfortunately, although Dali worked with Disney’s studio artist John Hench to storyboard the concept over an eight-month period, the studio decided to shutter the project.  So how is it that we have Destino?

58 years later, Roy Disney discovered the storyboards and an 18 second short and decided to revive the project.  By bringing in a team of animators and working off Dali’s storyboards, the 18 second short and also Dali’s wife Gala’s diaries, Destino was reborn.

Set to music by Mexican composer Armando Dominguez and performed by Dora Luz, watching Destino is like taking a walk through Dali’s world.  Although it is only six minutes long and devoid of dialogue or a clear narrative, Destino evokes a strong visceral response in the viewer, much like Dali’s artwork.  Watching this video is like watching a breathing, living, Dali painting.  It is truly incredible.  What makes it even more magical, however, is that the lead looks like the familiar Disney princesses we know and love (which of course, she in fact is).  A Disney princess dancing through a Dali world.  Amazing.

Who would have thought that Mr. Mickey Mouse would want to take a walk through Dali’s surreal landscape?  It’s a shame that the collaboration was shelved for so long.  Imagine if we could have watched Mickey playing amongst Dali’s dripping clocks and armies of ants?

Unlikely pairings oftentimes produce the ultimate results.  Take a gamble and infuse your writing with plots, characters and scenes that push your boundaries.  Maybe even work with a writing partner to create synergies that otherwise wouldn’t have existed.  If Destino is proof of anything, it is that even sixty years can’t stand in the way of genius. Although this short film is yet to be released (aside from a few art gallery performance–one of which I was lucky enough to catch at LACMA a few years ago) something tells me Disney is holding back because it might have something bigger in store for us (a full length Disney animation inspired by Dali?  Yes please!)

For your viewing pleasure, Destino:

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