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Fashion designer Deborah Sabet is ready to revolutionize menswear. Gone is the era of boxy, boring, run-of-the-mill, off-the-rack suits. Last year, Deborah launched District Homme, her line of custom, bespoke menswear, to make men look good, feel good, and indulge in the style choices usually reserved only for women. Each suit is 100% made to measure, with customizable fabric choices, fits, and design details (like pockets, linings, buttons, and thread work).  And best of all, each suit is full of Deborah’s unparalleled fashion sense.

Darren Criss in District Homme at the 2011 Grammy's

Deborah started District Homme last year completely on her own. One designer with one very clear plan and a seemingly endless supply of talent and creativity. In her first year, she was one of four fashion finalist in the Daily Candy, “Start Small Go Big” competition. Tonight, one of her custom suits is being worn at the 2011 Grammy’s by Darren Criss, arguably the hottest breakout star on the hottest breakout show on television, Glee.

The smallest beginnings can have the biggest, most lasting, and influential impacts. What started out as one custom suit is going to turn into a custom-tailored empire. If you have a dream, build it. Who knows, your dream may end up walking down the Red Carpet like Deborah’s did.

To learn more about Deborah and District Homme, visit www.districthomme.com. Also, make sure to watch the fabulous behind the scenes video (above) of her last photo shoot to see her artwork in action.

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