The Annoying Orange

Just last week, I found out about The Annoying Orange video series on YouTube. Being that its creators have the 8th most popular page on YouTube (with over half a billion views) I’m apparently the last one to watch one of these videos. If you, like me, are late to the party, let me give you a brief synopsis of a typical episode. There’s an orange sitting on a counter (or lately, somewhere else) with human eyes and a human mouth. He is, in a word, annoying. Each episode, he heckles a new food (which also has human eyes and a human mouth). At the end of each episode, the other food usually gets obliterated by a knife, blender, or another kitchen appliance at the hands of a faceless human (you never see more than the human’s hands).

Sounds simple, right? Sounds silly even. Well, something simple and silly has translated into an advertising partnership with YouTube,  a video game and the development of a television show to be written by the creator of Pinky and the Brain and produced by the guy behind Shrek 2.

Here’s the point: what’s the difference between the creators of The Annoying Orange and the rest of us? Two things: one, they didn’t think their idea was too silly to invest time in, and two, they are doers. They did it. They made video after video and put them up on YouTube. They generated content and put it where the world could see it.

So, next time you want to dismiss your novel, screenplay, art project, music, movie or other creative endeavor before you even start, imagine The Annoying Orange heckling you. Don’t let him win. Your creation deserves as much time, effort and attention as his creators gave him.

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