Douglas Adams + Calvin & Hobbes

We all have plans. From childhood, we begin constructing imaginary future lives. We consider our careers, our marriages, our travels to foreign lands, our jobs. What we rarely take into account is the need to allow for the unknown. To leave space for the unintended. To eagerly anticipate, well, experiencing that which cannot be anticipated. We hold fast to our plans, even as we evolve into people who have little in common with the architects who devised our life plans in the first place.

And so, when we veer of the path, when things don’t go as we “planned,” we feel disappointed. We feel as though we failed. Which sometimes is true. But, sometimes, it takes the experience of having your plans fail to end up where you actually needed to be.

So, make your plans. Try to attain your goals. But, if things end up moving in a different direction, don’t fret. You may end up experiencing something that exceeds the scope of your former self’s imagination.

Douglas Adams is the author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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