In a world defined by rapid technological advancement, I’m taking a stand and advocating for a step back. Consider this my notebook manifesto. Sure, you can technically use your laptop, your iPad, even your BlackBerry, as a notebook. But much like To Do Lists, there’s no better place for a writer’s random musings than on paper born of trees. If you’re like me, your memory is only as good as the notes you’ve taken, since there’s something about taking notes by hand that really imprints things in your mind. Not to mention the doodling possibilities. (What is it about writers and doodling?) 

With each notebook you fill, you’ll gain a testament to your thoughts and ideas that is eternal. There’s no fear of computer failure. There’s no need to back up. As you look through your old notebooks, your treasure troves of inspiration past, you will see how your ideas have evolved. You may even come across a phone number or website or character study that you had completely forgotten about, which now sends you down a new creative path. The best thing about notebooks? They’re not connected to the Internet.

So head to your local supermarket or drug store. Head to the office supply aisle. There’s no need to be fancy here (despite what Moleskin would have you believe). Pick up a notebook and start scribbling. Not only will you gain a place to store your musings, you’ll free your mind to come up with new ones.

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