Free Yourself From Analysis Paralysis

We’ve all been there. You come up with a great idea, whether it be for a new book or a new business. You get excited. You envision the possibilities. You think about the steps you need to take. Your mind starts racing. And as soon as it does, even though you were on the cusp of taking flight, you get bogged down in the details. In the potential downsides. In the risk. In fear. Essentially, your original idea, free, floating, a gift from the ether, gets pulled into a theoretical quagmire. And you, you get stuck in over-analysis limbo and don’t do a thing.

Welcome to analysis paralysis.

There’s a reason you can’t copyright an idea. Until you put it in a fixed, tangible form, it is weightless. Your ideas only gain power and momentum once you free them from your brain and introduce them to the world. Without action, ideas are just that: merely ideas, the potential of what could be. Oftentimes, we are stricken by analysis paralysis because we simultaneously get lost in both the overwhelming big picture and the multitude of details that flood our brains. The only way to make progress is to break the idea down, setting daily, attainable goals.

The one thing you must remember is to constantly move forward. If that means writing a page a day, do it. If that means scrapping the business plan you’ve been laboring over for years and taking the risk to make the investment, do it. Chances are, if you suffer from analysis paralysis, you’ve already done more than enough research to know that the risk you are taking is a calculated one.

Ultimately, the only wrong decision you can make is inaction. Even if the step you take ends up being the wrong one in retrospect, you’ll learn from the experience and build from it. If you’ve been looking for the perfect situation before taking flight with an idea, perfection doesn’t exist. You’re much better gearing yourself up to take action and problem solve once issues arise.

Ready to free some ideas and in the process free yourself? Put an end to your analysis paralysis and start making things happen.

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