The Agency

I’m excited to announce version 2.o of my novel, The Agency, now with new artwork by the incredibly talented David Gee. Sometimes, you really should judge a book by its cover. This cover is the truest reflection of what The Agency is all about, a sexy CIA agent who is causing a stir in the heart of Hollywood. If you’re looking for a fast, entertaining read for the holidays, The Agency won’t disappoint. It also makes a great holiday gift.Need an extra incentive? It’s on sale for under $10 for print, and under $9 for Kindle.

Takeaway point? The POWER of self-publishing. You can ALWAYS make it better, without having to wait years or go through a million hoops. Take that, traditional publishers.

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Recent reviews:

“Godfred tells Caroline’s story through prose that any lover of poetry, imagery, and strong language will admire. Every location in the novel is unique in its own colors, textures and smells, and the unique array of characters  bring humanity to the worlds of Hollywood and government… Godfred presents Caroline’s conflicts and growth in a way that anyone battling the confines of their career can relate to. Those of us who are attorneys or high-powered businesspeople tend to comment on how our careers eat way at our spirits, Godfred takes this problem and amplifies it exponentially for Caroline, who is not only Hollywood’s most powerful agent but simultaneously serving the United States CIA. What’s most enjoyable about this novel is that while at it’s core it is a story of humanity, the polar opposite settings of the government and hollywood allow Godfred room to include discussion about everything from war and politics to Christian Louboutin heels and priceless bottles of champagne.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the format used to create it. The “heroine”, Caroline, was clever and smart. There were dark sides to some of the characters, making it a fun read. Caroline lived life on the edge every day and put her personal needs on the back burner for the good of the country. Dangerous, exciting, funny, clever, with elements of real life in the “industry”.

“The main character, Caroline, is a strong complicated woman with very real emotions. In order to be successful in her career, Caroline has to sacrifice her own personal happiness as well as her very identity. The story is not only compelling but a delight to read. In fact, when I was only half-way through the book, I was raving about it so much at a family dinner that one of my nieces “stole” my copy. Luckily, I had my Kindle with me and was able to download the book so I could finish it that evening.”

Ordinarily I’m not drawn to novels or movies about the movie industry. But in this work Godfred subsumes the movie industry as a form of propaganda, subtle as her version, mass entertainment distraction under the control of the CIA, is. It also raises the issue of scandals which prempt serious issues in the media. Her account of Amanda’s CIA experience seems very real, and cold. I’m reminded of the Valery Plame affair, Jody Foster in Silence of the Lambs, The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, the Graham Green, and Lacarre novels.”

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