You Are What You Eat

As a writer, I’m constantly on a quest to discover new inspiration. Whether it be through attending events, searching the web, reading books, or merely living life with my eyes wide open, I’ve found that action is what inspires the best creative output. If you’re just sitting around waiting for divine inspiration, you may be waiting for a very long time.

I’ve discovered that having intimate dinner parties with new friends and even acquaintances (as opposed to your regular circle of friends) is a great way to develop new ideas. Dinner parties are also a great way to discover opportunities for collaboration.

Of course, no dinner party is complete without great food. Which is why I’m giving you this handy chart. As long as you have these ingredients, you can come up with 504  distinctive appetizer combinations (isn’t that literally food for thought). Next time you have a dinner party, let your guests create their own appetizers. In sharing your unique creations with each other, inspiration may just strike.

(Chart via New York Times Magazine… click the image for a larger version.)

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