love your job on valentine's dayValentine’s day is upon us. Today, in addition to showering your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or friend with love (yes, Write In Color stands in support of Galentine’s Day), take a moment and celebrate your work life.

Because with most of us spending more time at work than anywhere else, your job represents the most important love affair in your life.

If you are passionate about your job, Valentine’s Day should be easy. Take a moment, praise yourself and the universe for being so lucky, and offer some chocolate to your computer screen (or if you’re not a writer, the other tool in your life that best represents your work). But if you hate your job, you probably feel about Valentine’s Day the way most single people do: you hate it, and you want it to go away as soon as possible. Because no one wants a reminder that they’re alone, and no one wants a reminder that they hate their job.

But maybe you need the reminder. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself what you would rather be doing. Maybe Valentine’s Day is really about starting a work life revolution, even if all you do is start Google-searching some alternatives.

Because everyone deserves to be happy. Especially on Valentine’s Day.

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