Not too long ago, my dear friend Joey Garner set out to make a movie. He wanted to see if he could live off of Craigslist for one month. That’s right: no money, no contacts, no housing, no job — just Craigslist. (And of course a guy with a camera to capture the experience.)

And so began Joe’s journey across the country, as he explored just what America had to offer him when he relied exclusively on the generosity of others. Did community still exist out there, or had technology killed it? A compelling premise, right? Joe did more than just answer this question: he ended up transforming the lives of everyone he encountered on his Craigslist-fueled journey. And that includes you. When you watch this documentary, you won’t look at your national community (or Craigslist) the same way again.

The thing about Joey is that this wasn’t an exercise in taking. It was an exercise in giving. He didn’t just mooch off of others for a month: he volunteered, he gave hugs, he showed compassion. For those of us who are fortunate enough to know Joey personally, the number of people he helped along the way is no surprise. That’s simply his nature. And thanks to this inspiring documentary, you’ll get to experience Joey for yourself. I’ve included the trailer below, but I highly recommend watching the film. And please, let me know what you think when you do.

It doesn’t take a big budget Hollywood film to make a big impact. You’re an artist. If there’s a question you want to explore, whether it be in print or film, take the risk and just do it. If it’s the right question, there’s no limit to how many people you can reach. Just look at Joe.

Zach Galifianakis presents Craigslist Joe — a documentary about a guy who lives off craigslist for one month with no money or contact with anyone he knows.

In Theaters, VOD, iTunes – August 2, 2012
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Tickets now available @ Laemmle Music Hall in LA (August 3 – August 9)

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