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As an art enthusiast with a sweet tooth, I felt as though this cake inspired by Piet Mondrian’s block composition came to me in a dream. There’s nothing more intriguing than art inspiring art — especially when the final masterpiece takes a sugary, edible form.

baked goods inspired by famous works of art

As the NPR story goes, the fusion artist behind the Piet Mondrian-esque cake is photographer-turned-baker Caitlin Freeman, who runs a café inside the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art with her husband. The idea started with her insatiable desire to recreate Wayne Thiebaud’s Display Cakes piece, which features — you guessed it — cakes perched on traditional round displays. Now, each time SFMOMA gets a new exhibit, Caitlin crafts confections to match. Her’s art-inspired-baked goods are as much a staple for patrons as the museum’s permanent exhibits.

We’ve talked about the concept of art inspiring art before on Write In Color, back when a local LA band covered one of Tina Turner’s iconic singles. We’re big believers in paying homage to other artists by letting their work inspire new forms of creativity. Whether we’re talking about cover songs or cakes, there’s a lot of merit to imitation inspiration. These baked goods aren’t mimicking the paintings, sculptures and sketches at SFMOMA; they’re reimagining them.

Every time we create, we’re sending new ideas into the world and expanding the body of creativity that all our fellow artists draw from. So go out and let art inspire your art. 

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