gaping-void-success-graphicIn every business, there’s the delicate balancing act between enjoying the status quo you’ve worked so hard to reach, and upsetting “good” to reach “great.” For those who have been around since the beginning, you’ve watched Write In Color grow from a personal writing blog into a busy writing and branding business, complete with a modern website. Important side note: I couldn’t have done it without you.

My website is the physical representation of the Write In Color brand, including the team behind it, its services, and its values. It is also the best representation of my personal commitment to growth. Sure, things were “good” when I was using a free wordpress blog template for my site, but ever since I invested in developing a professional website, things are great. Clients¬†instantly connect with my brand, and have a clear understanding of what they’ll get when they hire Write In Color. Setting the right expectations, and then exceeding them, is my personal recipe for success.

Of course, just like the business, my website is always evolving. I’m currently working on developing an enhanced client gallery that will give you a comprehensive view of the exciting work we’ve been doing for our broad range of clients. Of course, no growth goes unpunished, which is why you may have received an erroneous test email today. So please excuse my growing pains. I’m just doing my best to emulate Jimi on his guitar when it comes to writing and branding.

The new client gallery will be up in about a week. I’d love to hear your thoughts once it is.


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