reading_under_coversIf you ask my grandmother her favorite story about me, her answer is always the same. “When Melody was 10, she would stay up all night reading books using a flashlight under the covers.” I was a big reader. I’m known for it in my family. And I remained a big reader, until I got an iPhone.

Sure, I read things all day long. I’m a writer after all. Reading is part of my craft. But the nature of what I’m reading has changed. I’ve gone from reading 400 page novels to 400 word articles. The ground I’m covering has expanded, but the depth of my knowledge could use some attention. It’s fun to be able to speak on literally any topic (and I mean any), but if you were to probe me a just a bit, my superficial expertise becomes apparent.

And I don’t think I’m alone in this.

This week my husband and I have embarked on a mutual TV hiatus (thankfully, this is happening during the very blah summer TV season). The next step will be to go on an iPhone, iPad and laptop hiatus when we’re in the bedroom. I’m nervous about it, but my rainbow bookshelf is excited. My long lost friends are eager to get in bed with me.

As a part of our #100DaysofYes initiative, considering re-learning how to read with me. Your books (and conversation partners!) will thank you for it.

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