The Cycle of Work Life

In this case, a picture (or should I say graphic, courtesy of the uber insightful Lunch Breath) is worth at least a 250 word blog post. It seems most of us are now hopelessly (or hopefully, depending on whom you talk to) committed to the rat race. We work, work, and work some more, hoping to eventually make a solid enough living to maybe start taking care of ourselves. We work through breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and by that I mean we eat copious amounts of carb-laden snack food at our desks instead of meals) and after putting in a 15 hour work day, we crash, either in bed or on the couch, in both cases usually in front of the TV. We gain weight, we become miserable, and despite our attempts to make resolutions (especially this time of the year) nothing really seems to change.

Well my friends, this cycle needs to stop. The trick is, we shouldn’t be working harder: we should be working smarter. If you’re working alone, trying to do everything by yourself, see if you can create a team of talented people to share the burden. Despite what you may think, you creative narcissist you, you aren’t the only one who can do a great job. Share your knowledge, grow a team, and start building in “self” time. Take a walk, eat lunch in the open air, throw away those oreos. Make a real commitment, not merely an empty resolution, to starting 2012 smarter, more productive, and more healthy.

When your new work cycle becomes clear, we’d love to see what it looks like. Send us a graphic and we’ll feature it on Write In Color.

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