The world has indisputably gone digital. Isn’t it time your job search and personal brand do too? LinkedIn is one of the easiest, most impactful ways to control your digital presence and, in turn, positively impact your job hunt and career. A properly optimized and utilized LinkedIn profile will 1) allow recruiters and employers to find you; 2) ensure your network keeps you top-of-mind; and 3) give your name’s search results a major boost. 77% of employers are googling their applicants. We make sure that one of the first things they find is your LinkedIn profile, and that it presents you as the compelling applicant that you are.

Using your new resume as a base, we’ll update your work experience (removing proprietary details of course), fill out all relevant fields including projects, awards and education, delete any fields you’ve filled out previously that you shouldn’t have (i.e. your birthday), and we’ll upgrade your title and summary. We’ll also select 50 keywords to 1) optimize your profile for searches conducted by recruiters and employers; 2) prime your profile for relevant, high-impact endorsements from your contacts; and 3) ensure your profile showcases relevance when you apply for jobs through LinkedIn. Finally, we’ll consult you on your profile and background pictures (since having a professional profile picture will boost your views by 14 times!).