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How to Survive El Niño as a Creative

Well, El Niño 2017 has finally arrived. Cue the hysteria. Los Angeles is really great about handling a lot of things — celebrity scandals, record heat waves, organic food trends. Sadly, rain is not one of them. Drivers become paralyzed and erratic, … Continue reading

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What Not To Say This Year

There’s been a lot written lately about words women use that undermine their power and impact. Business Insider makes an impassioned plea for the elimination of the word “Just.” Goop has a great list of verbal/written faux pas including “But,” and “Actually.” Both … Continue reading

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It’s never too late to be what you may have been

Wise words from George Eliot: “It’s never too late to be what you may have been.” Are you feeling stuck? Unfulfilled? Like you’re wasting your life and potential? Change. Change now. As a resume writer, I work with clients from … Continue reading

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The Sophistication of Truth by Seth Godin

Love Seth Godin as much as we do, check out more of his work here, here and here.Is there a particular Seth Godin passage you want transformed into art? Write In Color can help. We’re offering 20% off Seth Godin graphic … Continue reading

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A Typeface Designed to Help Dyslexics Read

You read the title right: designer Christian Boer has designed a typeface to help dyslexics like himself read more easily in a digital world. With 10% of the world’s population dealing with dyslexia, a neurological condition that makes it difficult … Continue reading

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100 Days of Yes

100 days of yes by write in color los angeles writing and branding

Lately, I’ve noticed how easy it is to be on autopilot. And if you’re like me, autopilot includes a highly perfunctory, “No,” in response to many of the questions you’re being asked. That’s because “No” is easy. It doesn’t require … Continue reading

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Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Rooms – Inspiration for Surviving the Holidays

It’s the holidays, which means us “creatives” are starting to get a little emotional. Higher highs, lower lows, the desire to make it count before the end of the year. The question is: how do you channel your creative, somewhat … Continue reading

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Moby’s Los Angeles Architecture Blog | Creative Inspiration

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know Moby and his music. But that’s not what this post is about. What you may not know about Moby is that he also has a blog devoted to Los Angeles … Continue reading

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Sufjan Stevens Teaches Miley Cyrus About Grammar

sufjan stevens writes open letter to miley cyrus defending grammar

Those of you who know me, or who have followed Write In Color for a while, know how much I love Sufjan Stevens. From his poignant lyrics, to his lush instrumentation, he’s definitely my folk music hero. Well, today Sufjan … Continue reading

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